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5 Signs That Your Ignition is On Its Way Out

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Here are a few signs to look for that will tell you if your ignition may be on its last legs.

Your Car Just Won’t Start

One of the telltale signs is that your car simply won’t start. You may get the engine to crank, but it will probably do so pretty slowly if your ignition is failing.

Your Turn the Key and Nothing Happens

If absolutely nothing happens when you turn your key in the ignition it could be a dead battery, but it could also be a that the ignition switch isn’t working.

Your Car Stalls While Driving

If you’re having issues with your car stalling while you’re driving (not while sitting idle) it could mean that your ignition is having some issues.

Your Key Won’t Turn

If you’re not able to turn the key in the ignition, make sure that the ignition lock is not in place by turning the wheel back and forth. If you still can’t get the key to turn, it may mean that your ignition is worn.

Your Dashboard Lights are Flickering

While this isn’t the most common sign, if you notice that your dashboard lights are flickering while the car is in motion, it could mean that your ignition is close to its last day.

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