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Automotive Lock Services in the Lehigh Valley

24/7 Emergency Locksmith provides a number of services for your automotive needs.

From keyfob replacement, to mechanism repair, and even broken key extraction, we’ve got your back!Nothing can ruin your day quite like a fob that has decided it doesn’t want to work.

Is it the battery or something more complex?

How about your locks sticking and just not working optimally. Perhaps it’s a minor inconvenience, or maybe it’s a major repair. The untrained might have a hard time spotting the difference.

Even electrical locks can cause issues.

Lastly, it can be downright rage inducing if your key literally breaks within the lock itself.But don’t worry. We’re here for all of those issues, and more!

Not only can we fix your lock and key, in most instances we can also provide a new key if needed so you can get on with your day, even if the key is broken!S

o if you have any problems with your automotive locks, call us for both emergencies and for scheduled maintenance.

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