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Car Locks and the Cold


Nothing is worse than locking yourself out of your car, except maybe locking yourself out of your car during a snowstorm. In this case your best option is to call a locksmith. With the right tools and training they can help you get in your car and out of the cold in no time.

But what if you don’t actually lock yourself out? What if your car is just too cold to unlock?

When the temperature outside drops below zero there is a chance the lock on your car will freeze shut. Moisture can get into the lock making it impossible to even turn the lock with your key. The cold could also cause your remote key to not function properly.

feat5544During this type of issue, you might not know the best approach to unlocking your car and getting out of the cold. One thing that could help is warming your key. If you carefully hold it over a flame for a second you should be able to get it into the lock, now you just need to make sure you always have a lighter on you during the cold months. Or if your car has a remote-start, use that. It should help heat your car and may unfreeze the locks on the door. After some warming up you should be able to get into your car and out of the cold.

It is also during the winter that people start their cars to heat them up and run inside to finish getting everything together before running off to work. What happens when your car decides to lock you out when this happens, with the keys in the ignition, your gas being wasted, and the minutes ticking by before you are supposed to be at work? This is another instance you should call a locksmith.

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