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24/7 Emergency Locksmith is the #1 motorcycle key replacement locksmith in the Lehigh Valley, capable of cutting motorcycle keys for most makes and models of motorcycles. No matter how you lost or broke your motorcycle key, we can quickly fabricate a replacement bike key. We stock a large variety of motorcycle key blanks for most makes and models for all your replacement motorcycle key needs.

While losing your bike keys can be stressful and embarrassing, we understand that having a replacement motorcycle key as quickly as possible is the best way to alleviate your concerns. A lost or broken car key is already an inconvenience, so we make sure that having a bike key replacement is as convenient as possible. You can rest assured that 24/7 Emergency Locksmith has the replacement for your lost key in stock and ready to be delivered to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What documents will I need before I will receive my replacement motorcycle key?

We will need a Driver’s License and an official document such as insurance, registration, title, or bill of sale. This document must tie you to the bike. We will need both of these before we are able to give you a replacement motorcycle key.

Do I need to make an appointment to get a bike key replacement?

No, you do not need an appointment to get a replacement motorcycle key. We require little notice and can usually be at your location within 20 minutes to make you a replacement motorcycle key. However, if you need a motorcycle key made in a specific time frame we recommend making an appointment.

I lost my bike key and have nothing for you to copy- can you still make me a replacement bike key?

Yes, we can make you a motorcycle key replacement even if you have nothing. 90% of the replacement motorcycle keys we make are made without a key to copy from.

What forms of payment do you accept when making replacement motorcycle keys?

We accept cash or card. We accept all debit or credit cards as payment when making replacement motorcycle keys.