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Signs Your Ignition is Failing

The ignition is one of the most important components of your car. This is the system that starts your car by creating a spark in in the cylinder of the engine. The ignition is something that many people do not think too much about, until their car suddenly doesn’t start. There are many issues that can occur with your ignition, putting you in a sticky situation.

However, there are many signs that your ignition might be failing before it actually does. If you notice any of the following issues, you vehicle’s ignition may be slowly failing. If your vehicle is older, your ignition may wear out sooner than later. Know what to look for in order to keep your ignition from failing without warning.

Trouble Starting

Having to turn the engine over multiple times before your car actually starts is a huge red flag. Having trouble starting your car should be a major sign that your ignition is beginning to fail. If your engine does not turn over at all, it may be a different problem.

Trouble Turning Key

If your key does not turn in the ignition, your ignition is likely failing. When your key fails to turn in the ignition the first time, be sure to check to make sure that your ignition lock is not engaged. To do this, turn your steering wheel back and forth. If your ignition has excessive wear, it may be preventing the key from aligning with the keyhole.


Another sign that your ignition is failing is that your car is stalling. Most stalling issues with ignition problems will occur while the car is actually traveling, not just when it is sitting in idle. If your car begins to stall while driving it, getting your ignition checked is a good idea.

Dashboard Lights Flicker

While this sign may seem strange, and is often uncommon, if your dashboard light begin to flicker, your ignition could be starting to fail. If you do have an ignition problem you are likely to notice your dashboard lights flickering while driving your vehicle.

These are a few of the many signs that your ignition could be failing. You want to be aware of these signs and watch for them as your car ages. Being stuck with an ignition problem is never fun, but 24/7 Emergency Locksmith can help. Not only do we provide house and car lockout and other lock services, but we can also repair your ignition! We can have your ignition repaired and you on your way in no time! Contact us today if you are having ignition problems.

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