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Can Wrapping Your Key Fob in Aluminum Foil Protect it From Thieves?

While it may not be prominent in the Lehigh Valley, there have been reports of thieves throughout the country using special technology to steal the signals from key fobs, giving them access to your vehicle.

Clarkcom recently published an experiment where they tested the effectiveness of using aluminum foil to protect a keyfob’s signal from being detected.

Team Clark wanted to see if it really works, so we wrapped one piece of aluminum foil around a key fob and tried to unlock a car from about 10 feet away — it didn’t unlock.

Next, we moved closer to the vehicle — about a foot away — and the car unlocked with the foil around the key.

After that, we added additional layers of aluminum foil around the key fob. That blocked the signal from a close distance. The car wouldn’t unlock until we began unwrapping the fob.

The bottom line: Foil really does seem to block the unwanted signals if you wrap your key fob thoroughly!

But is this really necessary? If you park in a secured area, perhaps the answer is no. But for those times when you’re leaving your car in an open parking lot, one of these signal-blocking solutions may give you peace of mind. Source:

Watch their video below!

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