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Be Careful Who You Let Know You’re On Vacation

As the saying goes: “Pics or it didn’t happen.”

People love to share their adventures on social media. However, it may not be the best idea to share that you’re going on vacation if your entire family, or everyone in your home or apartment, is going with you.

Here are some tips on heading away on vacation without letting potential thieves know that you’re going to be away.

Simply Don’t Post Publicly That You’re Going Away

The temptation to post that you’re going on vacation is strong. We’re used to posting where we are heading and it’s exciting to let your friends know that you’ll be doing something fun. However, even if your profile is private, that doesn’t mean that your friends are the only ones able to see what’s going on.

Share Your Photos Later

Of course your Aunt Ethel wants to see the pictures of the fam at the Grand Canyon, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t wait until you get home and pick out the good ones.

Let Trusted People Know You’ll Be Gone

Trusted neighbors, nearby family, and even co-workers are good people to let know that you’ll be on vacation if you do need someone to check in on your home.

Take a Break

Hey, we’re not saying quit social media altogether, but vacation is a time where you’re supposed to unwind, so go for it. Worry about the social media when you’re decompressed. If you need to check social media for your job or you’re just really bad at not checking it, perhaps try to not interact as much or let on that you’re in a much warmer place than all of your friends.

Be smart when heading away on vacation and you can keep your home safe!

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