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Unique Keys: Gumball and Candy Machines

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of when you were a kid and your mom handed you a quarter to get a piece of candy at the gumball machine in the grocery store.

Not only are these retro looking devices cool to look at, they have some unique keys as well.

While there isn’t a universal type of key for these types of machines, there are two that are most common.The first is sometimes referred to as a tubular or barrel key, while the second looks similar to a house key.

The first key is shaped similar to a barrel and you’ve probably noticed the ring shaped keyhole when you’ve popped the coin in while waiting for your prize as you hear the key turn!

You may have also noticed this type of lock on some home safes as well.

The second key type looks almost identical to a lock and key you’d see in your home’s exterior doors.Here’s a really neat video of a vintage gumball machine restoration that gives you a good idea of how some of these machines operate. Plus, it’s very relaxing to watch.

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