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5 Reasons You’re Forgetting Your Keys

We’ll never forget how to help you out when you do forget where you placed your keys, or even locked them inside your car. If you’ve ever wondered why people forget things from time to time, well, it’s natural. However, there are some more specific reasons that might be of a little interest to you.

1. You’re Not Sleeping Enough

Not enough sleep is a sure fire way to underperform at work, in your personal life, and to forget things that you normally wouldn’t. Make sure that you’re helping yourself by getting enough sleep each night. Your keys will thank you.

2. You Drank Too Much

Drinking too much alcohol can lead to short term memory loss and a frantic search in the morning for where you put your keys, or your purse, or your wallet. Make sure you’re not drinking too much if you want to remember where you placed things. Always have a designated driver and never drink and drive.

3. You’re Not Exercising Enough

Most doctors recommend 150 or so minutes of exercise per week. That may not sound like a lot, but it can be hard for new parents or those who are very busy with work. Try to get up and walk a bit during your work day, park a block or two further from work, take a walk if you know you’ll have a long phone call. Get active.

4. You’re Taking Certain Medications

Allergy season is annoying because of allergies, but also because antihistamines can lead to short term memory loss. Anti-depressants are also a memory robbing culprit. Talk to you doctor if you feel that your medications may be causing you to misplace items.

5. Stress / Overloading

We all have stress, but we all have different ways of managing it. If you’re over stressed or have too much going on in your life, it’s pretty easy to start forgetting the smaller things, like where you placed your keys. Work to relax a bit more and simplify your life.

While we hope you have a great memory, we understand that sometimes you don’t! We’ll be there if you’ve misplaced your keys. CALL US: (484) 891-1922 or visit 24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE.

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