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Our Lock Services

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At 24/7 Emergency Locksmith, we offer a variety of lock services to help out people like you, who find themselves in frustrating situations. While nobody wants to call a locksmith, we can help you with any and all of your lock problems quickly and efficiently. Many people may try figuring out their lock issues on their own, but this often leads to broken windows, injuries, and more problems than it’s worth.

That is why you should call our locksmith experts when you have a problem with your lock. We can be there in no time to help you with whatever issues you are facing. We offer our services to those in Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Greater Lehigh Valley, and surrounding areas. If you are in need of a locksmith call us at 484 891 1922

We work hard to provide our customers with the best possible service and ensure they get their problems solved quickly. Whether you need a lock repair, a broken key extraction, or a simple door unlock, we are the team to call!

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Customer Satisfaction

When we perform our lock services, we want to provide you with the very best. Our team works hard to do quality work every time and our company’s success relies on the satisfaction of our customers. That is why we offer a 12 month warranty on top of any manufacturers warranties offered. We will always provide the best possible work. However, if later down the road, something goes wrong due to a quality issue on our part, we will fix the problem and make sure you are satisfied with our work.

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Our Lock Services

As locksmiths, we offer a huge variety of lock services. Whether you need something done to your car locks, home locks, or business locks, we can help! You can rely on us to be where you need us in no time to solve any issue you have with your lock, whether you need a new lock installed or you want to add a master key system to your business, we can get the job done right!

Automotive Lock Services

While many of us are used to unlocking our cars from a distance with a remote key, there may come a time when you need to physically unlock your car. This would be a bad time to figure out that your lock is faulty. Luckily, we will be there to help when you run into this problem. Just call 24/7 Emergency Locksmith.

Lock Repair

If you notice your locks are sticking or not functioning properly, get them fixed right away! This may help you avoid further issues in the future.

Electric Lock

If your electric locks ever stop functioning, we will be there to help. We can fix them in no time and have you back on the road.

Broken Key Extraction

If your key ever break off inside of your lock (it happens) be sure to call us at (484) 891-1922. We can remove the broken fragment without damaging your locks and replace your key right then and there.

Some of our other automotive lock services include key replacement and programming, car door unlocking, ignition repair, motorcycle key fabrication, and more. If you have a lock and key problem, we can help.

Automotive Locksmith in Car
Residential Door Handles with Deadbolt Locks

Residential Lock Services

The lock on your home is what helps you feel safe and keeps your home secure. But when those locks fail, you can lose all sense of security. Luckily, 24/7 Emergency Locksmith can help out in your time of need. Be sure to contact us if you ever run into an issue with your home’s locks.

Lock Install

Having new locks installed on your home is a great idea if you have recently purchased a home, have lost your home keys, or you simply want to update your security.

Master Keying

Having your home master keyed is a great way to monitor who has access to different parts of the home. You can give your kids access to the front door with a certain key, while you have a key that has access to the front, back, garage, and shed doors.

House Unlocking

It is easy to lock yourself out of your home. When this happens do not try breaking a window, kicking in the door, or scaling your home. Instead, contact our locksmith experts!

Along with these residential lock services, we also offer broken key extraction, lock rekeying, lock repair, and more. Feel free to call us whenever you need a residential locksmith service!

Commercial Lock Services

When your commercial space or business runs into lock problems or you simply want to improve your company’s security, be sure to turn to the locksmith experts at 24/7 Emergency Locksmith! We offer a variety of commercial lock services.

Lock Repair

If you notice your company’s locks are sticking or not functioning properly, get them fixed right away! This may help you and your business avoid further issues in the future.

Access Control

Access Control is a great security measure to put in place to manage the individuals who can enter and have access to certain areas. If you find your business may have security vulnerabilities, our locksmiths can help!

Master Keying

Having your business master keyed is a great way to monitor who has access to different parts of the property. You can give your employees access to the front door with a certain key, while you have a key that has access to the front, back, and emergency doors.

Commercial Emergency Exit Door with Door Bar
Locksmith Helping Emergency Lockout with Toddler

Emergency Lock Services

There are many moments in life that feel like an emergency but isn’t, like dropping your cell phone in the toilet, running late for work, or getting stuck in traffic as the ice cream begins to melt in the trunk. While these may seem like emergencies, they truly aren’t. But what about locking yourself out of your house when your baby is in there alone while the oven is on? Or losing your car keys during a terrible storm? While these may not be the emergencies you thought we were going to talk about, they are still emergencies.

When you are in need of emergency locksmith services, 24/7 Emergency Locksmith is here to help! We provide emergency services to Lehigh Valley and surrounding counties, including Montgomery, Berks, and Bucks, allowing you to get the immediate help you need.