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A Few Fun Locks on eBay

Believe it or not, we don’t mind looking at locks and learning more about them even though we deal with them throughout the work day.

Locks are fascinating to locksmiths and it’s always fun to share a little bit of what we find interesting with you.

We recently came across a treasure trove of fun old lock items on eBay that we’d like to share. Of course, we don’t endorse these items or suggest you purchase them, we just thought they were really cool!

Take a look.

A Lot of Skeleton Keys

You never know what you’re gonna get in one of these, but if the price is low, then they can be worth it.

A Lot of Small Padlocks

Just like the skeleton keys, never pay much for a lot of these types of items. They can be great for a variety of things beyond simply collecting, including art projects. Always worth a look.

What’s Old is New Again

Sometimes you can find some interesting old style locks that were recently made. Of course, these shouldn’t come at a premium and are fun accents to home decor or your collection of lock items.

Specific Replicas

Little more than souvenirs, these types of lock items are always fun. They are more fun if you can find them “in the wild” rather than purchasing them online, but maybe that’s just our opinion!

Weird Stuff

Every type of thing you can collect, whether it’s comic books or baseball cards, you’ll always have those odd items that you just might need to have only because it exists.

Whatever your collection, have fun with the next find!

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