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A Little Lehigh Valley Bicycle Lock 101 from 24/7 Emergency Locksmith

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Now that spring is on the horizon, it’s time to dust off the old bicycle. Whether it’s for fun or function, a bike is a great way to get from one place to the other.

But one aspect of bicycling that is crucial, beyond obeying the traffic laws and wearing a helmet, is to keep that bike safely locked up when it isn’t in use at all times, even if it is in the supposed safety of your porch or backyard.

But when it comes to choosing a bike lock, what do you do? From U locks to chains, there is quite a selection. You first want to think about the pros and cons. A U lock is more compact, fits through a number of bike parts, and is fairly portable. A chain on the other hand is stronger but it can also be much heavier. It’s up to you, so think about which you’d prefer.

While cable locks are also an option with their flexibility and light weight use, many brands can easily be cut through, so choose this variety with caution. We personally don’t recommend these for that specific reason.

Also be wary of worn and rusted locks. A once reliable piece can be broke quite easily with a skilled thief, so clean your U locks or chains on the regular with the manufacturer’s recommended products and methods to prevent long term and permanent damage.

But what do you do if you lost your key or the key no longer works? That’s easy, call us! Whether you just can’t find your key or the internal mechanisms are gunked up from being exposed to the elements, we’re here to give you a hand if you’re having any problems.

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