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Mercury Car Key Replacement

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24/7 Emergency Locksmith is your area’s automotive locksmith specialists.  We always stock a wide variety of keys ranging from remote head and proximity smart keys to transponder keys for Mercury.

Losing your car keys can be irritating and trying, but you can rest assured that 24/7 Emergency Locksmith will always have a replacement car key in stock. We will have someone ready to assist you with the key and have it delivered to you.

Unlike the traditional keys for Mercury vehicles, the newer vehicles now come with special high security keys that no longer have the cuts on the top and bottom like traditional keys. The cuts are now precision milled from the outer edge of the key forming a track the internal components of your car’s locks use to allow the lock to turn with that key. Because of this new, precise method these keys can no longer be made with the traditional key cutting equipment. They require newer high security key cutting machine that can make the proper cuts. Propper cutters and key programmers have now been fully equipped in all of our automotive locksmith vehicles.

Lost/stolen Car Key Replacement

We have replacement car keys in stock and ready to be delivered if your key was stolen or lost.  Most Mercury models that are made after 1998 now come with an extra layer of security called the immobilizer. This layer communicates with a special chip that is inserted inside your car key. The key will need to respond with a recognized code or the car will not start even if the key turns in the ignition.

One of the first steps we take when programing a new car key is erasing the old key. This will stop anyone from being able to use the lost or stolen key on your car. If desired, an additional layer of security can be added by changing the wafers that are inside the door locks so the lost key will no longer be able to turn in the locks.

Broken Car Key Replacement

There are many steps we can take into helping you with your broken key. One of the most beneficial things is if we are able to use the broken components of your Mercury key. If we are able to use the broken components, this will save us the time from having to discover the cuts for your key or having to order the correct cuts from our database. We will gladly pass this saving onto you.

If you need a replacement for your car key, no matter how it was lost, broken, or stolen, we have the replacement to make you whole again.  Call 24/7 Emergency Locksmith for immediate service, we will have you back on the road before you know it484 891 1922.