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Be Safe During Lehigh Valley Parades

Winter is clearing way for warmer weather, bicycles, motorcycles, runners, joggers, children at play, and, yes, even parades!

There are many parades throughout the Lehigh Valley beginning this time of the year with the Parade of the Shamrocks parade in Bethlehem and the Allentown St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

So, while it may be common sense to some, here are some tips for you to keep yourself, and others, safe at your local parade.

  1. The Parade isn’t just downtown: Parades bring in higher than normal traffic, more people on the streets, and, of course, floats! Be careful driving even if you’re not close to “parade central.”
  2. Keep the little ones close: Parades are essentially circuses on wheels and there is a lot going on! It’s easy to loose track of things like where you parked, but it’s also important to remember to keep your children close to you!
  3. Watch out for floats: We touched on them in number 1, but prepare to see some interesting vehicles that may or may not be street legal.
  4. Don’t run up to floats for candy: Many parades have straight out disallowed throwing anything from floats due to the risk it can present to children running into the street. If your parade does allow for candy throwing, don’t run up and get any that is too far away from your arm’s reach! It’s not worth it.
  5. Have a great time: one of the best things about living in the Lehigh Valley are the parades and festivals. Enjoy!

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