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Car Winter Problems

Winter and the cold weather can have many effects on your car, creating different problems, many of which you may have never expected. These problems are more than just a frosted windshield or doors frozen shut. The cold weather can affect the way your car runs, its tire performance, and other unexpected issues.

One problem that we discussed in a previous blog, was how the cold can affect your locks. The cold weather could freeze your locks, keeping you from being able to get into your car during brutally cold days.

But there are other cold weather-related problems that could affect your car. While these issues can happen to anyone, many people do not expect them and do not prepare for them. The best way to prepare for these winter weather problems is to store the proper supplies and equipment in your vehicle and get your car checked for any pre-existing problems.


As the temperature drops, the chances of your car battery dying increases. You don’t want to be stranded in the cold parking lot of a retail store waiting for a tow truck or someone to help you jump your car. Get your battery checked before it gets too cold to prevent your battery from freezing to death.


The cold weather can cause the pressure of your tires to drop, leaving your tires under-inflated, which could cause them to underperform. This can cause damage and make your car run worse while driving through snow and ice. Pump up those tires to make sure they are well inflated.


The fluids in your car will likely thicken as the temperature drops too low. This can cause your car to run poorly. Checking your fluids will help ensure your car will run better in the snow. Check your transmission , brake, antifreeze, and power steering fluids, as well as your oil.

Spark Plug

You will want to check your spark plugs as the weather begins to chill. If they are already bad, you will have a hard time starting your car during the winter. Cold weather will make them less reliable so make sure they are in good shape.

These are a few of the many things you should check before the temperatures drop too low. You will be glad you did as your car runs perfect all winter long. But if you have an issue with your locks, there is no need to panic. 24/7 Emergency Locksmith can help you with all of your lock needs, from lockouts to ignition problems! Contact us today to learn more.

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