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Common Places To Lose Your Keys

Many people add funky key chains or colorful lanyards to their key rings to better keep track of their keys. Others hang hooks on the wall by their front door to help keep their keys in the same place everyday. But even with all of these techniques and precautions we take to ensure we don’t misplace our car keys, it happens more than we would like to admit.

If you are the type of person who loses your car keys more often than not, this blog may help you track them down. At 24/7 Emergency Locksmith, we can make replacement keys, for your car or home, if you cannot find them in any of these common places.

In Drawers

Many people walk in their home, place their keys on the counter, and walk away. But if you are distracted or quickly decluttering your counter space, your keys could easily end up in a drawer. If you usually leave your keys on the counter and suddenly they are missing, make sure to dig through some of your drawers.

The Bedroom or Bathroom

When you get home from work, errands, school, or anywhere else, you may head straight for your room to throw on your sweatpants or the bathroom to hop in the shower. When this happens, it is easy to drop your keys in your bed, on a chair, on the counter, or even on the floor, which may not seem hard to find, but if you are used to leaving your keys on the table next to the front door, then it will come as a surprise when they are not there the next time you need them.

On The Couch

Relaxation may be your number one goal upon returning home. That may mean you head straight for the couch without taking your shoes off or putting down any of your belongings. If you have been guilty of doing this from time to time, you may want to check between couch cushions, under the couch, or in the surrounding area for your keys.

In The Car

No one wants to admit it, but it is easy and common to leave your car keys in the car. Whether it is in the ignition or simply on the passenger seat, your keys may still be in your car. Let’s just hope you don’t accidentally lock your keys in your car. But if you do, 24/7 Emergency Locksmith can help!

If you can’t find your keys anywhere in your home or car, contact us. We can help you get replacement keys or help you get back into your car if you are locked out! Learn more about our services!

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