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Does Your Key Fob have a Secret or Two?

While a keyfob unlocks your vehicle (duh) it might also have other handy dandy features as well. While some are obvious, others might not be. Here are a few things your key fob might do other than lock and unlock your car or truck.

Vehicle Summon
Ok so this is really only a Tesla thing, sorry Toyota owners, and is only for certain models. But with a quick button combo, your vehicle is out waiting for you on a rainy day.

An Actual Key
Fob not working? Some keyless fobs actually have a key tucked away inside. That way you can still get inside and back on the road.

Remote Start
Too warm or too hot out? A remote start gets your car to a nice temp before you’re off to work.

Mirror Folding
Keep your side views safe with a click of a button.

Put Down the Windows
Need some fresh air in your vehicle? No problem if your fob has the power!However with all these potential features, you don’t know what you’ve got until you look it up.


Check out the owners manual or look it up online to see if your keyfob has any extra abilities.Lastly, be careful. If your fob rolls down your windows, for example, make sure you don’t actually activate that feature on a rainy day.Does your fob have any cool extras you didn’t know about? Tell us on our Facebook page!

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