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Fall Driving Tips for the Lehigh Valley

The Lehigh Valley gets all four seasons and each one has its own challenges when it comes to driving. The summer has a lot of traffic, the winter has snow and sleet, the spring isn’t so bad, but the fall can be tricky.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when it comes to driving as the weather goes from hot to cool to cold.

Watch out for Leaves

Leaves in the Lehigh Valley are beautiful but they can be slippery. Try to avoid braking on leaves and drive slowly through them. Leaves may also obscure any markings below them, so be extra vigilant.

Fog and Rain

As the weather gets colder, fog becomes more of a reality and rain can be a bit more tricky. Be more cognizant of the weather now that fall is approaching and drive accordingly, giving yourself extra time to stop and an adequate distance between cars in front of you.

Bridges Get Slick, Especially in the Morning

Your morning commute can get a bit more slippery if it goes over a bridge, especially a smaller one. Bridges get cold first, which can lead to slick conditions even when roads are completely fine. Be careful and don’t enter a bridge at an angle if possible.

Check Your Tire Pressure

New season, new reason to check your tire pressure and make sure it’s within the manufacturer’s guidelines.


You may not have even needed to use them during the summer, but now that the fall is creeping in, days are getting shorter. Make sure your headlights are up to par this fall season.


And, of course, remember that school is back in session. Be smart!

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