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Fall Lehigh Valley Home Checkup Tips

The change of the seasons is always a good time to take stock in your car, finances, and house! For today, let’s take a look at a few home items you can easily get through on a nice fall weekend.

Check Fire Extinguishers

These often go overlooked, but are either easy to confirm are still in working order or easy to replace. Make sure everyone in your home knows where they are located.

Check your smoke detectors

Don’t wait until you hear that super annoying beep! Change the batteries on your smoke detectors or check them to make sure they are still in working order.

Have a fire escape plan and fire ladders on second and third stories

A little bit of planning can go a long way, especially in an emergency situation.

Turn Off your Outdoor Water Faucets

There’s no reason to keep your outdoor faucets on during the winter months.

Make sure your Security Lights are working

Another easy enough test; make sure your security lights are working by testing them out at night!

There obviously may be some other items in your home that aren’t on this list, so take a look around and be sure to use fall to your advantage.

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