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Five MORE Lock Fails

Locks can sometimes be a complicated problem, so thank goodness there are certified professionals out there to help you out all sorts of problems that may arise. (Hint-hint!!)

Here are some funny lock fails that definitely need some assistance from a locksmith.

It’s one thing to lock your keys in your car… but this one takes the cake! How hilariously embarrassing!

Yikes. While this might be incredibly funny, it’s also no fun when it happens to you. A lock mishap like this needs attention ASAP!

It’s situations like this that make a great story later, but in the moment, it’s good to have a locksmith’s number on speed dial!

Yeah this secured drawer wasn’t too well thought out. Perhaps it still has some uses like stashing your secret snacks or just for when you’re too lazy to unlock it yourself!

This miiiiight not be the best method. Especially if it’s going to rain.

So the next time you have a lock problem (or try to DIY your own) call us first. You’ll be glad you did!

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