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Five Terrible Places to Hide a Key

While it’s a good step to hide your key in your yard in case of a lock-out, it’s important to choose that spot carefully and discreetly. While there are many good and unique places there are also some pretty awful places we suggest you do NOT hide your key. Here are five pretty awful spots to avoid.

That obviously fake rock from the dollar store:

That fake rock isn’t fooling anyone. In fact, it sticks out like a sore thumb and makes it even more obvious where your spare key is hidden. While a fake rock has become an obvious first place to look, if you’re going to go this route, stick with a more realistic one.

Under The Doormat:

Seriously. Don’t do this. It’s so so SO obvious. While it might be convenient for you, it’s also convenient for thieves too.

Under fake DIY dog poop:

There are lots of pretty good DIY ideas for hiding your key. Please don’t do this one. First of all you’re making a fake poop, secondly your neighbors are going to think that you never clean after your dog, and thirdly if you do need to get that key what’s everyone going to think when they see you picking up said turd?

In the mailbox:

This is another spot that is just unfortunately way too obvious. Anything that is convenient for you or the person who needs to use the key, means it is also going to be convenient and easy for anyone you do NOT want to have it.

Anywhere close to the door:

If you plan on hiding your key basically anywhere within 15 feet of your door, the chances of it being found go way up. Under that flower pot? Hidden underneath the adorable lawn gnome? Behind the seasonal decoration? If it’s near the door, it’s just going to be found easier by the wrong person.

So when you go to choose a spot to hide your key, make sure that you are making responsible choices for the security of your home and thinking less about the convenience of you or the person who will need the key.

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