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Four Ways to De-Ice a Car Lock

If your car lock is frozen, 24/7 Emergency Locksmith is always available to come help you out by calling (484) 891-1922.

And while we recommend calling us if your car lock is frozen, as we’ll be able to fix it safely and without damage, here are a few interesting ways you can de-ice a lock in a pinch.

1. Petroleum Jelly
It’s a bit messy, but if you dip your key in petroleum jelly and put it into the lock, move it around and wait a bit, it can melt the ice inside the lock.

2. Hand sanitizer
That little bottle of hand sanitizer you have hanging on your key chain that you never use? Well, it has rubbing alcohol inside of it, which can lower the freezing point of water and melt the ice inside a car lock. Drip some onto your key and go to town. At least your lock will be super clean.

3. Hot Water
While we don’t always carry around hot water, well, ever, many people do have hot coffee in the morning. You can try putting your key into the hot coffee for a bit, drying it off, and then putting it into the lock. You’ll probably want to throw the rest of the coffee away.

4. Lighter
Probably a last resort, but as long as you didn’t put any flammable substances in your lock and it doesn’t have any plastic parts, you could try a lighter on it. We definitely don’t recommend this one.

Again, the best idea here is for you to give 24/7 Emergency Locksmith a call if you’re in the Lehigh Valley and have a iced up lock. We’ll be there quickly, no matter if you’re in the Allentown, Bethlehem, or Easton areas.

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