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Funny Lock Fails

In the world of locksmithing, there are quite a variety of unique situations that can arise. While some are just silly, some are also seriously concerning. Others are weirdly impressive with the MacGyvering people will do to avoid calling a locksmith.Here are three ridiculous examples we found on the internet that we just had to share!

Keys In-Between Doors

Yikes… Although we’re also fascinated with all of the things that had to go wrong within a matter of moments to make this happen.

Chain Ring Around Knob

That’s one way to keep a door closed. Or, you know, you could install an actual lock that won’t damage your door frame when someone tries to open the door.

Socket Wrench Lock

This door and frame need a lot of love (ok maybe replacement is really the word we’re looking for.) Anyhoo, we are genuinely impressed with the layers of neglect that got this sad excuse of security to where it is in this photo.Need someone to do it the right way? We’ve got you with all your locksmith if needs! Call us!

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