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Gadgets to Help You Not Lose Your Keys

How many times have you been in a hurry to drive somewhere or really needed to get in the house, but oops, can’t find your keys? Our guess is dozens of times. Recently there have been many products coming out to solve this issue every person faces on a daily basis. Some of the best have come from sites like Kickstarter or indiegogo and are becoming wildly popular.

Tile Mate

Easily the most recognizable of the group is tile. This company creates a variety of trackers that can be attached to key chains, backpacks or purses. Once you get the product all you need to is set up the app created by tile and you’re all set to find your keys, phone, wallet!

TrackR bravo

Another popular company is TrackR. They also sells a small tracking device that you can attached to any keychain or throw in a purse or wallet. The TrackR products do have the interesting feature of doubling as a phone finder, press on your TrackR device and your phone will start ringing. In that regard the more you have the better, you’ll never lose your phone or keys again.

Key Ringer

Now this one may not be the most innovative or new product but you better bet it gets the job done. The KeyRinger XL by Key Ringer is one of the loudest lost key finders on the market. As long as you have one of the two in a set you can press the button and the other will start ringing, very loudly. However if the volume is an issue it is reprogrammable to be softer, or louder if you’d really like.

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