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Get Your House Locks Ready for Cold Weather

We typically don’t think about our locks when the idea of winterizing our homes comes up. However, a little bit of preparation can go a long way.

Door locks are a very easy place for outside moisture and dirt and such to enter and collect. During the warm months, these infiltrations aren’t usually a problem and don’t cause any sort of problem with the working of the lock.

However, in the colder months, this moisture can freeze and cause problems with the lock, sometimes making it so that the lock isn’t able to turn at all.

Preventing this from happening is usually done by spraying a de-icer into the lock. While this solution is great for short term, however, it may also cause a build up of gunk in the lock that may require you to take the lock apart to clean it at a later date, so be careful.

If you do find that your lock isn’t working due to the cold, you can take care of that in a few ways. Heating your key is a quick fix, but that trusty de-icer also comes in handy.

No matter what, be sure to pay some attention to your door locks this winter and take a second to think why they may not be working due to the change in temperature.

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