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Hey Lehigh Valley, Should you replace or repair old locks in your home?

When you are fixing up a fixer-upper, lots of questions can arise. One question at the top of the list is most likely home security.

When your home is full of old and outdated locking mechanisms, what do you do?

That question isn’t answered with just a simple yes you do or no you don’t.

In fact, it should be preceded by even more questions.

Here are some of the questions you should be asking:

-How old are the locks?

-Are they functioning?

-Are they part of the aesthetic of the old home?

-Are they safe?

-Do they fit the needs of what I need currently?

-Between replacing and repairing, which is in my budget?

-Do I want to save some but replace/repair others?

-Can I function with an older locking system?

-Can the older locks be partially updated?

Basically, there are many options out there and you just don’t know what you’ll need to do until you get in there and start answering some serious questions.And if you’re just not sure how to get started, call us! We can evaluate and determine what we think is the best route to go, and help you get there!

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