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Hidden Safes Found During Renovations

When we think of hidden treasure, thoughts of pirate maps and gold doubloons might come to mind. But did you know that some people are lucky enough to, basically have the treasure hunt find them!

Here are some wild stories of people who found a hidden safe right in their very own home or business.

This couple was lucky that they found a code earlier. Cracking into a safe is difficult work!

Watch the video at this link!

This guy was renovating his grandparents old home and came across this treasure trove!

Read all about his find here!

While this guy didn’t actually have anything interesting in the safe, the fact that it was so well hidden is pretty neat.

Even businesses can have long forgotten safes. This old casino was being redone for other businesses leasing the space when they discovered this old safe completely hidden under an old staircase.

If you find a hidden safe in your home or business renovation, call us! We can help you get on the right track to figure out how to see what’s inside!!

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