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Hilarious Gas Station Bathroom Keys

When it comes to the public using your facilities, sometimes you have to go through some extreme measures to make sure the keys to these spots remain in your possession after the person is done.

One notorious type of this would be the extremely funny ways that a gas station bathroom key is adorned. These keys have been known to be accessorized with some pretty ridiculous items to assure that the borrower returns them.

Here are some strange and silly examples.

Hubcap Keychain

We would imagine there are a few of these lying around at a gas station anyway!

Poop Emoji Pole

Everyone is going to know exactly what this is for!

Dirty Bucket Lid

No one wants to lug around this gross thing longer than they need to. You’ll be getting that key back ASAP.

Gigantic Ring

What is this ring even used for? It’s either a baby hula hoop or a bangle for giants.

Sad Clipboard

This sad little fella doesn’t want to be left alone! Make sure to bring him back to the counter so he doesn’t cry.

If you find that, despite your best efforts, a customer has locked the key in the bathroom we’ll be glad to help regain access! We can also help if you’ve locked your keys in your car or lost your gas cap key when you’ve stopped to gas up and grab some snacks.

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