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How Not to Lose Your Keys this Holiday Season

Christmas is no time to be locked out of your home or vehicle. While Santa knows how to enter a home even if it’s locked, climbing down the chimney isn’t something we’d recommend to just anyone. (In fact we DO NOT recommend it at all!)

Christmas means a deviation from your normal routine, which increases your chances for a lock out. Here are a few tips to help you prevent any issues this joyous season.

Keep your keys on your person

You’ll be visiting friends and family, so keeping your keys on you or in a pocket means they won’t go missing when the excitement takes over.

Keep them in sight

If you take multiple trips to the car, make sure your keys are visible before you close the trunk when you’re loading and unloading your new haul of gifts.

Keep your routine

Try to stick to any sort of routine when it comes to putting your keys away. It’s so exciting to enjoy your new gifts, but still remember to put your keys in their designated spot so you’re not scrambling to find them for work the next day.

But if you find yourself locked out of your house this holiday season, or if you locked the gifts in the car because you were excited to see grandma, we’re here to help you get back into the holiday spirit!

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