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How to Check Your Tire Air Pressure

Photo by Eldon Lindsay. Filling a tire up with air/nitrogen.
We completely understand that not everyone is a “gearhead,” or someone who knows a lot about cars. In fact, many people are used to some of the well made cars in today’s market that may not need as much service as cars in the past. (That, of course, is debatable.)

That being said, it’s always a good idea to have a few car maintenance skills in your back pocket for when you need them. How to properly check your tire’s air pressure is a great way to maintain fuel mileage and to keep your car running efficiently.

Here are a few quick steps!

Purchase a Tire Pressure Gauge or Use One at a Gas Station.

Refer to your tire pressure gauge manual for proper operation. Most gas stations have air pumps. All you need to do to check your tire pressure is to remove the cap and place the gauge into the tire stem. If you’re using a gas station gauge, it is most likely a “pencil style” and the PSI will pop out. If you’re using a digital gauge, it will read out on the device. Don’t worry about the air that is coming out, just don’t hold it on there for too long.

Compare Your Readings

Compare the reading to the number that is in your car’s owner manual first. Use the number on the sidewall second. The one in the manual will be more accurate.

Top Up or Let It Out

If your PSI number is above what is recommended, then let some air out until it matches up. Conversely, if you’re low, fill up until you reach the recommended PSI.

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