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How to Fix a Sticky Door Lock with a Pencil

Hey, we understand that not every single lock situation requires you to call 24/7 Emergency Locksmith. There are a few situations where you can help yourself out a little bit before looking to call us. Of course, if you’re ever not sure about a lock situation or don’t feel comfortable handling it yourself, please, do not hesitate to call us at any time of day or not.

A sticky lock, or a regular door lock that doesn’t turn easily, can always be a pain. Thankfully, fixing it by following the most common method isn’t that difficult.

1. Simply squirt a little powdered graphite into the lock. You can find these at any home improvement or automotive store.
2. Put the key into the lock and turn it a few times to distribute the graphite.
3. Your lock should be back to normal.

You can also get lead from a soft pencil and put it on the key, (it’s made of graphite) and then do the same thing with the key in the door lock. Just be sure that it is made of graphite.

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