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How to Help Your Friend With a Key Problem

We all have one of those friend who misplaces their keys at least once a day. Or perhaps you are that friend. You know how annoying it to constantly wait for your buddy to search the entire apartment looking for their keys, but there is nothing you can do about it, or is there?

Your friend locks themselves out of the house and car regularly, they lose their keys on a daily basis, and they have more spare keys hidden in places they don’t remember than anyone should have. It is time to help them out. Put an end to their key problems with a few simple solutions.

The Obnoxious Keychain

Giving your friend a huge, fuzzy, flashing, or noisy keychain is a great way to help them keep track of their keys. They will have trouble losing their keys when there is a giant ball of fluff connected to them. These are easy to find nowadays, many young women think they are cute and fun and attach them to their keys and purses. Or maybe they are just trying to keep track of their own keys.

Design a Designated Place

While reorganizing your friend’s home may be a little over the top, you can create a spot that they can stash their keys daily — somewhere right by the door so that they can drop their keys in the new spot right when they walk through the door. Make it a game if your have to so that they feel more required to participate.

Attach Their Keys to Something

If your friend carries a purse of a backpack, figure out a way to attach the keys to it, even when they are in the ignition of their car. This way, when they turn their car off and remove the keys, they will grab the backpack and the keys will come with. Plus, if they know where their bag is, they know where their keys are.

Be Their Key Keeper

If you are always with your friend, just hold onto their keys for them. This won’t help them get better at keeping track of their keys, but it will lessen the frustration.

Program 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Into Their Phone

While you may not be able to help your friend with their bad key habits, 24/7 Emergency Locksmith can. We can make copies of keys, help them when they are locked out, and assist in any other lock and key problems. Putting our number in their phone can save them a lot of worry and hassle in the future! Contact today to learn more.

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