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How To Keep Your Car Cool in the Heat

The summer heat of the Lehigh Valley can make for some fun times on the Lehigh and Delaware rivers if your’e into tubing or kayaking, but not so much for the temperature of the inside of your car.

Here are a few ways to keep your car cool in the hottest of summer heat.

  1. Use a sunshade and dash cover: Your first line of defense against the sun is a sunshade/window visor. It will keep your car much cooler. A dash cover helps keep it from being hot to the touch. Put a shade in the back window for extra protection.
  2. Cover your steering wheel: Put a hand towel over your steering wheel. Hot vinyl surfaces are not your friend.
  3. Park in a shady area: We don’t mean a “shady” area, we mean one that has some shade. If you have your car in direct sunlight all day, window visor or not, it’s going to heat up much faster.
  4. Keep possessions out of the sun, and the car if possible: Anything that can melt, think about removing.
  5. Keep your windows cracked if possible: Please don’t keep your windows slightly cracked if you don’t feel comfortable doing so, but having that extra airflow will help to regular temperature.
  6. Purchase a fan: There are many options of internal solar powered fans that you can quickly install to keep air circulating when your car is unoccupied.

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