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How to Open a Frozen Car Door in the Lehigh Valley

A frozen car door can absolutely ruin a morning commute. There’s nothing worse than being all ready to head out to work, school, or a road trip only to realize you’re going to spend some time getting your car door open.

Here are some tips that can help you out in a frozen door situation.

Think ahead

Stick a towel or rag between the car door and door frame just above the window. When you go to open your door in the morning, you’ll have something to hold onto and pull from. This can prevent you from breaking the car door handle.

What if I didn’t think ahead?

We’d be silly to think that everyone would think ahead that far, so coming out to find a frozen car door without having a towel stuck in it is a reality. First, spray along the seams of the car door with some windshield de-icer, which is basically two thirds rubbing alcohol and one thirds water. This can help to jiggle the door free.

Use a hair dryer

A hairy dryer? Seriously. Yes. We’re very serious. Use an extension cord if you need to, but spraying along the seams of the door with a hair dryer on full blast is going to do wonders for your stuck door situation. Just don’t be surprised if a neighbor puts your picture on Facebook.

If you get super stuck and you still need help, know that you can always contact us at (484) 891-1922 for any lock out situation.

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