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How To Properly Clean Off Your Car, Lehigh Valley

Cleaning off your car in the winter is a fact of life. No one is excited to do it. No one enjoys standing out in the cold or the precipitation while they are doing it. But, the simple fact is that cleaning off your car of snow, ice, and other debris as the result of winter weather can literally save lives.

Every year, people are hurt or worse on the roadways as the result of someone not cleaning off their vehicle properly leading to ice flying off their car and striking another.

Get in the habit of cleaning off your car now! Here’s now.

  1. Survey the situation: Is it just snow? Is it ice? Is it not even worth driving in the current conditions? Take a second and see what you’re getting yourself into.
  2. Make sure you have tools available: Pretty much every gas station is going to have brushes or ice scrapers or both. Don’t wait until it starts snowing to buy one. Get one now and leave it in your car.
  3. Start from the top: Clean the top of your car first. It’s the area most people either forget or neglect, so do it first.
  4. Clear off all all windows and the sides as well: There’s no reason to have any windows still covered. Would you drive like that in the summer? All it does is make your more dangerous on the road to yourself and others.
  5. Scrape off all ice: Even if it’s just on the passenger side mirror, scrape it off. Clear your car off as completely as humanly possible.
  6. Check the roads again: Is it safe to drive?
  7. Be safe on the roadway.

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