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Keep Your Lehigh Valley Home Safe During Halloween Season

Halloween is a ton of fun for adults and children alike. From Halloween parades, to trick-or-treat and trunk-or-treat events, to bags full of candy and fun costumes, it can be a favorite time of year for many.

However, it’s also a time of year when the sun starts going down a lot sooner than the summer months and has a history of mischief and shenanigans.

Here are a few steps to keep your house a bit more safe during the Halloween season in the Lehigh Valley:

Keep Your Lights On During Trick-or-Treat, But Not Totally Off After

You’ll want to keep your lights on if you plan to have trick-or-treaters and off after the event is over or you run out of candy. However, you want to make sure that you keep your motion lights on in case there are any other people still milling about who shouldn’t be!

Clean Up Debris Around Your House

The last thing you want is to have trick-or-treaters fall over debris or other items that you may have out and about leading up to your door. Be sure to clear your curb and keep it free of debris.

Use LED Lights in Your Jack-O-Lanterns

There really isn’t any reason to have an open flame in any of your jack-o-lanterns during Halloween when there are powerful LEDs that can do the job just as well and are way less dangerous!

Don’t Leave Candy Unattended

If you’re going to participate in trick-or-treating, then be sure that you’re actually participating. Leaving candy unattended is a good way for it to go missing quickly and for animals to get into it as well.

Make Sure You Lock Up

Having so many people around your property having a fun time may cause you to forget that you need to lock up like you normally do. Be sure that you follow your regular routine after everything is over!

Have a safe holiday season and be sure to call 24/7 Emergency Locksmith if you have any lock or lockout needs!

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