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Keep Your Lehigh Valley Home Safe While Traveling

Traveling can already be stressful enough without having to worry about what is going on at home. Between the plane tickets or the directions and between the carry on items or the bathroom stops on the Jersey Turnpike, traveling can take its toll on our stress levels.

But, what about when you get to your destination and all you can think about is whether or not you locked the house and if you remembered to keep that back porch light on.

Thankfully, in this age of technology, and with a few small other tips, you can keep your home safe while you’re traveling the globe or just down to the shore.

Ask Someone To Look Out For You

Whether it’s a neighbor or a friend, having someone swing by your place is helpful because they can make it look more “lived-in” and can also bring in mail that may be a sign no one is home. A visitor can also make sure to check around the property for you to keep things in line or to notice any trouble.


Home security cameras are so inexpensive these days that they make for a fantastic investment when it comes to home safety. You can check many of them from your phone and most will give alerts if they detect something amiss.

Lock Up

It may be tempting to leave that back porch door open for your mother-in-law to come in and check on the cat, but it’s just simply not a good idea to keep anything open while you’re away.

Schedule Lights

Smart home devices have come a long way and while setting up light timers isn’t a new concept, technology has made it as simple as possible. From a smart home app connected to your smart home lights, you can set a schedule for them or simply turn them off and on from your phone anywhere there’s cell reception.

Don’t Leave Keys Out

Leaving a key under a rock or on top of your door is a cliche, so why do so many of us still do it? Don’t leave a spare key out where someone you don’t want to can find it. Give the spare key to someone you trust.

Be Careful on Social Media

Social media posting is a personal preference, but you may want to curb some of it in real-time if you want to make sure no one knows that you’re not at home. That’s up to you!

Bottom line, as long as you leave your home with someone you trust who can take a look around every so often and bring in your mail, etc., you’re at a much lower risk of having something happen to your property while you’re away. Have a safe and fun vacation this summer!

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