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Keep Your Parked Car Cool in the Lehigh Valley This Summer

The number one rule of leaving your car in the sun is to keep it locked, but not far behind are a few other tips to keep it cool for when you come back.

No one wants to get into their car and burn their hands on a hot steering wheel or wait for multiple minutes for the car to cool down.

Here are a few tips to keep your car cool this summer when you have to have it parked in the sun.

Park in a Shady Area
No brainer, right? Sometimes we don’t think about this though when we are looking for a place to park. Be sure to park somewhere cool if you can, it can make a world of difference.

Use a Windshield Visor
These seem to be more popular back in the 1990s for some reason, but windshield visors haven’t gone out of fashion. If you want to keep the inside of your car cool, these are a small investment to make that happen.

Keep your Possessions out of the Sun
Sure, you want to do this to deter thieves, but you also want to keep items like sunglasses out of plain view simply because they are going to get seriously hot and can even cause injury. This is especially true of any seat belt buckles or similar items that children may come in contact with.

Throw Blankets Over Your Seats and a towel over your steering wheel
Covering your steering wheel will save you some headache and covering your vinyl or leather seats with a blanket is going to make a world of difference for the backs of your thighs.

Park in a garage
Again, a no brainer, but if the option exists, especially in a downtown area like Bethlehem, Allentown, or Easton, take advantage of the shade!

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