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Keep Your Windshield Frost Free

One of the joys of living in the Lehigh Valley is the chance to experience the full four seasons in all their glory.

Summers are hot and carefree. Autumn is full of color. Spring is vibrant and new!

And winter, well, winter is winter. You’re going to have to deal with it.

To help with that, we put together a few ways to keep your windshield frost free!

  • Cover your windshield with a folded sheet or a rubber mat (or even a proprietary anti-frost product). Just be sure you have somewhere to put it when you take it off in the morning.
  • Try a spray with a 1:2 ration of vinegar or alcohol with water. It will allow you to clear the ice quickly.
  • You can also rub windshield wipers with alcohol if they are sticking to your windshield.
  • Use a night before de-icer.
  • You can run a raw onion half on your windows and windshield the night before. Believe it or not, it works.

Here’s to a healthy and happy winter season!

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