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Keeping Track Of Your Keys

Having a designated location for your keys when they are not in use can help to minimize the amount of time you spend searching for them. It is easy to lose your keys, especially when you set them down just about anywhere when not in use. If you lose your keys more than you would like to admit, setting up a one stop drop is key to keeping track of your keys.

At 24/7 Emergency Locksmith, we know how easy it is to misplace your keys, which is why we can make you a spare or replacement when your keys go missing and never reappear. But hopefully you can figure out a way to keep track of your keys before we are needed. In this blog we will give your some creative ideas on creating a designated key space.

Keep It Close

The minute you walk in your home, you should be able to set your keys down, this way you don’t carry them through your home and set them down somewhere else. Your designated key spot should be right inside the door, whether it is on the table, a hook, or somewhere else. Find a place close to your front door or garage door (whichever one you use most) and create your designated key spot.


There are many different types of key holders that you can make or buy that use hooks for a simple way to store your keys. These hook spots can have places to store mail and other items as well or could be solely for your keys. If you have a tendency to leave items scattered throughout the house, a key hook that can hold your purse, sunglasses, and other items could be beneficial.


To add some unique style to your key holder, find a magnetic board that can hold your keys with no hooks involved. Make sure your key chain isn’t too heavy and causes the magnet to not hold very well.


If you have a table near your door, you can place a decorative bowl on it and use it to hold your keys. This is a good solution if your are the only one with keys; if there are multiple keys in the bowl you will have to sort through them every morning.


A great way to keep all of your stuff together and separate it from your family members’ items is to make cubbies for everyone. These cubbies could have hooks for keys, coats, and purses, and offer space for items like sunglasses, wallets, and whatever else you need to bring with your daily.

These are a few of the creative and easy ways to help keep track of your keys and keep your home a little more organized. But if you do happen to lose your keys, contact 24/7 Emergency Locksmith today. We can help make you new keys.

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