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Key and Lock Issues you shouldn’t ignore

When it comes to your security, some minor concerns with you locks and keys (or things that might not even seem to be concerns) can happen to anyone.
Here are ten things that could be happening with your home, office, or vehicle locks that you should be on the lookout for.

Key stuck in lock momentarily
Key has trouble turning
Rust has formed
Fob keeps losing, or has a weak, connection
Lock not working 100% after freezing weather
Lock won’t open without some jiggling
Bent key
Deadbolt doesn’t completely lock/unlock
Old lock hasn’t been used often
Lock turns without key being fully inserted

These, and a variety of other issues can happen. So be mindful if you locks are acting, well, not to their full potential. Basically if you can’t just open your lock nearly effortlessly, something might be on the fritz.

So while these particular “issues” might not seem like anything, or if you just don’t feel like it’s necessary to look into further, most should be addressed ASAP.

You just never know when that minor inconvenience does a 180 and turns into an actual, and sometimes expensive, problem.

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