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Lehigh Valley Beer Week is Here!

Lehigh Valley Beer Week takes place February 16 – 23 in locations throughout the area and 24/7 Emergency Locksmith will be there for you if you need us.

If you’re not familiar, Lehigh Valley Beer Week is one of the most fun events for beer drinkers every year. Not only does it take places in venues throughout the entire Lehigh Valley, but it also gives craft beer lovers a chance to try rare beers while also participating in fun events.

Of course, the important thing with any event such as Lehigh Valley Beer Week is to make sure that you plan ahead to safely get to and from wherever you’re heading during the week.

Be sure to use Uber or pick a designated driver and be sure to add 24/7 Emergency Locksmith into your phone in case you need us. We understand that locking your keys in your car or losing your keys isn’t something that you plan to do, but we’ll be there if it happens.

Have a safe and fun Lehigh Valley Beer Week 2019!

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