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Lehigh Valley Driving Tips for Easter Weekend

Easter may not be the first holiday you think about when it comes to lots of driving. But, it’s still a holiday on which a large number of families travel to or from the Lehigh Valley.

Be sure to drive carefully over the course of Easter weekend even if you’re not traveling to see family, and expect there to be a larger number of cars on the road than usual.

Here are some quick tips you can use to make your Easter driving a bit more safe this year.

Keep Emergency Numbers Handy

Make sure you have our number ((484) 891-1922) handy, or other numbers you may need just in case.

Map Your Route Out

We use GPS apps just like the next person, but you shouldn’t let them take total control. Be sure to take a look at your route before you hit the road. In fact, checking your GPS app before you leave may give you a heads up on traffic or delays along the way.

Give your car a once over

Check your tire pressure. Make sure you have enough windshield wiper fluid. Give your oil a check. These quick checks can save you some potential headaches.

Pack your phone charger

Those emergency numbers won’t do much good if your phone is out of juice. Having a backup phone charger battery pack is almost a must these days.

Keep any valuables in your truck or covered up.

It may not exactly be a Christmas haul, but Easter can also be a time where we have valuables in our cars. Be sure to cover them up if you are parking somewhere.

Be safe and have a happy Easter!

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