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Locks of the Future: Bluetooth Padlocks

If you need a padlock for a number of different reasons, some of the drawbacks to these little devices are the ways in which you gain entry. While a key or rotating combination might not be the biggest problem, it can be a minor inconvenience in some situations.

What if you don’t want to share the only other backup key you have? What if you don’t want to share the combination out with too many people? Well we have a new type of lock that might make these concerns a thing of the past… Bluetooth padlocks!

These locks require an initial set up with your phone and then can be unlocked with the use of an app on your phone. No more sharing a physical key or sharing an unchanging combination, but you can instead give access through an app that can be changed and updated as needed. Plus some models can then track exactly when they were accessed and opened.

So why would you want a Bluetooth padlock over a traditional one? This unique security option is just another way to add some convenience to your day. If you find yourself annoyed by a normal padlock, and you’re already all about having a tech savvy home, the addition of a Bluetooth padlock is just another way to keep you linked in to your home security.

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