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Night Driving in the Lehigh Valley Tips

With sunset getting earlier and earlier during the fall and winter months, we wanted to brush off a few night driving tips to help you keep safe in the dark hours.

  1. Dim your interior lights: Having dash lights set up to 10 can be distracting. Dim those things down and focus on the road.
  2. Don’t stare at bright lights: Oncoming lights can easily take your eyes off the road, especially those super bright ones. Try to keep them out of your direct field of vision.
  3. Clean your windshield: You can get away with a dirty windshield when it’s bright out, but when it’s dark, lights coming through a dirty windshield can get you in trouble. A dirty windshield can also limit your field of vision. Clean that up.
  4. Go to the eye doctor: Not having the right prescription or not having a prescription at all (if you need one) can directly affect how well you can drive at night. Make sure you’re taking care of your eyes!
  5. Drive more slowly: You’re a great driver, we’re sure, but other people are also driving at night who maybe aren’t. Be sure to be a bit more defensive when driving after dark.

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