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Broken Key Extraction

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Whether you’re locking up to rush the kids to school or returning home from a long day at work, no one welcomes the sight of a broken key. We understand – we’ve been in your shoes before. Luckily, our locksmiths are fully prepared to provide a quick solution. Our goal is to extract your key and let you go about your day in as expeditious fashion as possible.

Please do not attempt to extract a broken key yourself, additional damage may well escalate a simple extraction to a costly lock repair or replacement. Trust our locksmiths to handle the job in an expeditious manner.

The How

First you call us and give us the address where the lock is located. We will dispatch one of our uniformed professional locksmiths to assist you on site. There is no need to attempt to remove the lock and bring it to us. Everything is done on site for your convenience. Our locksmiths will arrive expeditiously and look at your lock to assess the level of difficulty in removing your broken key. We will then quote you a firm price to remove the broken key, and if requested create a new key for the lock. We will use specialized tools and techniques to extract your key without further damaging your lock. You can rest assured that we will solve your lock and key problem in the most expeditious manner possible.

Our professional locksmiths offer precision and quality service to negate additional damage to your lock mechanism. It is important to address the issue as soon as possible; the broken key can cause more internal damage to the lock’s components if the key is left in the lock for extended periods of time. Or if someone attempts to remove the key with improper tools.

To reiterate, never try to remove the broken key. Doing so will make the job more difficult and will risk increasing the cost of the key extraction.

The Why

Keys break due to a variety of reasons:

Applied Pressure

Wear Over Time

Keys are intentionally made of soft metal alloys, or brass

Internal wear within the lock mechanism itself

Improper lock installation or alignment


Preventive measures go a long way, and broken keys are no exception. Some professional tips include:

  • Lubricate the lock at least once every 5 months to prevent excess grinding and friction damage caused by daily use.
  • Keep several spare keys on hand and switch to a replacement when your old key begins to show external damage, such as cracks and excessive wear to the teeth.
  • Never force your key to turn when your lock fights back with resistance, no matter how small, as this can lead to long-lasting damage.

Our residential locksmith experts can help you get your broken key removed from your lock, make you a replacement key, and help with any other lock issues you may be having. We provide services in Lehigh Valley and surrounding counties, including Lehigh, Northampton, Montgomery, Berks, and Bucks. If you have a broken key problem in this area, call us today at (484) 891-1922!

We will be there in no time and help you with your lock problems. Before you try fixing any lock issues on your own, contact us. We will be there in a hurry and help you get back into your home easily and without further damage!