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Safe places to keep your key while you jog

When you head out for a walk, the last thing you want to worry about is your key. While it could be tempting in some neighborhoods to just leave the door unlocked, you just never know what could happen. For safety’s sake, it’s best to always lock up before you head out.

Here are a few spot to safely put your house key while you burn those calories.

In a secured part of your clothing:

Many workout clothes already have a build in mini pocket to slip a key. For added measure, we suggest also including a safety pin if the pocket doesn’t have a zipper or snap closure.

In your music player’s holder:

If you go for a run with earbuds in, chances are you have something to hold your phone or MP3 player. Just tuck your key neatly in next to it and your ready to go.

On your dog’s collar:

A carabiner or other secure but easily removable key holder attached to Fido’s collar is a great way to safely stash your key if you don’t have a secure spot on you.

Hide your key in your yard:

If you have a good spot to stash your key, then don’t even worry about bringing it with you. Find a secure spot to hide it away and just discreetly let yourself back in when you’re done. Just make sure you’re not being too obvious.

Don’t use a key at all:

If dealing with a key multiple times a week while you try to get in some exercise is becoming tedious, why not think about installing a keyless lock? You can use a simple keypad or even an app on your phone to gain entryway without even having to deal with where you put a physical key. There are many types that can give you the method you’d prefer.

And if you DO lose your key while out on a jog… just give us a call and we’ll be there to help you regain entry to your home.

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