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Safety Tips for The Great Allentown Fair

Photo by Lightly Salted Photos

The Great Allentown Fair is the unofficial Lehigh Valley goodbye to summer. It announces the end of the summer festival season and its end ushers in thoughts of pumpkin patches and apple picking.

That doesn’t mean you should look past the Fair, however. It’s still a great place to take the family and always full with some incredible musical performances to cap off your summer. This year alone features Sugarland, 311 and Offspring, and Niall Horan.

Just as with absolutely any festival in the Lehigh Valley, there are always safety precautions to take even though the events themselves are generally some of the safest you can visit with your family.

Park legally and remember where you parked. Parking can sometimes be tricky at Lehigh Valley events and the Allentown Fair isn’t any exception. Make sure that you don’t park in a tow away zone, especially if you’re driving with your family. There will be many side lots run by private organizations that don’t make too much of a dent in your cotton candy budget. Drop a pin on your Google Maps or other app before you make the walk to the fairgrounds so you can find your car easily after you leave.

Lock Up. This goes without saying, but we can’t tell you the amount of posts we see on Facebook from people who simply don’t lock their vehicles. Lock up!

Be prepared to wait in traffic. The Allentown Fair doesn’t have the worst traffic due to many different roads in and out, but it’s still something to plan ahead for whether you’re heading in or out. Going at off peak hours (right as it opens during the week) is a great way to skip the crowds.

You’ll need cash, but don’t carry too much on you. Plan ahead what you think you’ll need throughout your trip and don’t bring much more than that.

Be sure to keep our phone number in your phone. Call 24/7 Emergency Locksmith at (484) 891-1922 if you’ve locked yourself out of your vehicle at the fair or lost your keys altogether. We’ll be there faster than a spin of a ferris wheel. (Well, we’re not sure exactly how fast that is, but we’ll be there in minutes.)

Have a fun and safe time at the fair!

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