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Seven Home Safety Tips in the Lehigh Valley

We’re at home a lot of the time right now due to the current world events. And while being at home has its challenges for many, we may not be thinking about safety as much as we should.

Here are a few quick tips to help get your home safety on track.

  1. Don’t leave a key in an obvious spot: How many times have you had to check in on a friend’s house only to find that they hide their spare key under a potted plant or at the top of a door frame? You’re not being sneaky, you’re being obvious. If you’re going to hide a spare key outside, you may want to up your game a little bit.
  2. Give the illusion of activity: We won’t tell you which brands to buy, but there are numerous inexpensive home lighting automation solutions that you can set up via an app to give the appearance of activity even if you’re home alone.
  3. Get some security cameras, lights and motion cameras: The peace of mind is enough to justify the cost of outfitting your home with security cameras. Now is a good time to upgrade your system. Having footage or sound of an incident can be invaluable.
  4. Secure your garage: It’s a weak spot. This goes for side doors as well. You want them to be as secure as any other entrance in your home.
  5. Trim the hedges: Make sure your landscaping doesn’t make it convenient for someone else to hide from view.
  6. Stay in contact with friends and family
  7. Call us to upgrade your home locks or if you’re in a lockout situation 

Be safe and call us if you’re in need of upgrading your lock system!

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