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Signs You Need To Replace Your Locks

Just like everything else in your home, your locks will get old and break down eventually. And just like everything else, you will want to fix it before that happens. Getting locked out of your home is a nightmare. Getting locked out of your home in the middle of winter is even worse. Making sure this doesn’t happen—start by checking out your locks and door knobs and making sure they are aging well.

But how are you supposed to know when your locks and knobs are going to stop working? In this blog we will give you some clues to look out for! In case you ever do get locked out of your home, or have any other issues with your home’s locks and door knobs, you can trust 24/7 Emergency Locksmith to help! We can take care of any and all of your locksmith needs! Even if you are locked out of your home, it will only be for a short amount of time. Our team will get to you quickly and make sure you are inside in no time!

Read on to learn more about the signs your locks and door knobs may be slowly dying.


While many old metal items will become rusty with constant exposure to water, your locks shouldn’t be one of them. If you notice rust building up around and on your locks and door knobs, it may be time to change them out for new ones. Rust on the door knob or lock may be a sign that there is also rust building up in the lock itself, making it difficult to unlock and lock your door. Rust is one sign that you need a replacement.

Keys Get Stuck

Keys give us issues sometimes, and that is understandable, but when you have to wiggle and jiggle your keys in the lock to get the door unlocked, you know you have an actual problem. This could result in your key breaking off in the lock or the lock no longer working.

Stick Door Knob

Even if the key turns in the lock with ease, the door knob may be sticky. If you turn the knob and it feels like it is sticking, it is time to replace your locks and door knobs. Again, you never know when this will fail and being locked out of your home is never fun.

These are a few of the signs to pay attention to. If you notice any of these things, you should get your locks and door knobs replaced. Get a professional’s opinion by contacting 24/7 Emergency Locksmith.

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